• 07/12/2017
    7:30 AM
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6 Ways SSDs Are Cheaper Than Hard Drives

When it comes to TCO, solid-state drives are a better deal than HDDs.


SSDs and Flash are the future

Well, Mr. O'Reilly will not get an argument from me over the cost efficiency of SSDs vs. HDDs when you plug in the TCO for both and compare. That said, people do fixate on the price per GB yardstick when it comes to storage. We have seen a steady drop in the per GB price of SSDs while HDDs, especially the larger capacity HDDs, have not come into the market priced lower on a per GB basis when compared to the per GB price of smaller capacity HDDs already in the market. The price per GB for HDDs has come down very little over the past several years. When it comes to size, that race has already been won by SSDs. HDDs have only gradually expanded HDD capacity with the largest HDDs coming in at 12TB if you can find them. SSDs coming in at 60TB or 100TB are almost unthinkable for anyone who has worked in data storage for over 30 years. NAND flash manufacturing capacity has finally started to increase to the point where we might begin to see more aggressive pricing below $0.20 per GB real soon. When the price drops to $0.15 per GB, the game will be over for HDDs, especially when you do the TCO calculation. Storage technology that has lasted for decades is about to be swept away in a flash.