• 01/03/2017
    7:30 AM
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8 Skills Network Engineers Need In 2017

Find out what skills and know-how will be essential in enterprise networking this year.


well done

good job on the article.



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Asking advice for choosing better career

I have 6 years of experience in Network routing and switching. Although im not a expect in my domain but i have worked and studied hard to know more on cisco technologies. I devoid of knowledge on security appliances. Now I left the job to aquire some more which may help me glide at my career gateway. I have worked with an ISP as an Engineer. I completed CCNA and now I want to have some advice where I should step through. And what courses I have to complete. I mean there are so many co-workers are talking about SDN, virtualization, automation etc. Please advise me whether I should opt in for security first or something else.