• 06/29/2017
    12:21 PM
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Intent-Based Networking, Explained

Learn about the hot concept in this video from senior network engineer Phil Gervasi.

With Cisco's launch of its "network intuitive" strategy, intent-based networking is grabbing a lot of headlines. The trend has been heating up for a while, but if all the hype has you scratching your head, this video from Phil Gervasi provides clarity. He discusses how intent-based networking aims to overcome the complexity of manual configuration of switches and routers, and goes beyond orchestration platforms by adding intelligence to the network.



Let's hope it doesn't suffer from over-hype

Great video! As you stated, many products market themselves under the intent-based label, and I hope it doesn't dilute the original intent (pun intended!) of the concept. There needs to be a set of milestones where the tools evolve from micro-config, macro-config, orchestration, etc. all the way to the Star Trek vision you spoke about. Ultimately, it ought to be a closed loop that includes troubleshooting and reconfiguration?