• 02/21/2017
    7:00 AM
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How To Shrink Your Data Storage Footprint

Here are data management best practices and tools that help clear the clutter.


Data can be managed...

Well, Mr. O'Reilly makes a good case for getting rid of the data cruft that clings to primary storage systems like barnacles to a boat hull. Regulatory compliance and internal governance will dictate the disposition of data that falls into certain categories. What to do with the rest is the $64K question. Fortunately, data management tools are available which can analyze NFS and SMB data shares. Learning how much of what type of data, and how often it is accessed allows you to create plans for moving data from expensive primary storage systems to less expensive object storage clusters. Komprise is one vendor with an easy to deploy data analysis and management application that will do this.

What may have escaped Mr. O'Reilly's attention is the amount of machine-generated data that needs storage for different periods of time. This type of data now exceeds the amount of human-generated data. Object-based storage is the only financially sustainable way to do this. Mr. O'Reilley noted you could run Elasticsearch against some object stores as well as Hadoop analytics. Machine-generated data is a venue where Big Data analysis has an application.