Interop Kicks Off In Style

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Attendees and speakers at the Interop conference are looking forward to a program filled with education, new technology discoveries, and networking with the IT community.


Interop keynotes

At the Interop keynotes Wednesday, there was a lot of focus on the speed of technology change and how IT needs to adapt by working more closely with the business. See shadow IT as an opporutnity to build a culture of collaboration, said CBS Interactive CIO Steve Comstock.

Re: Interop keynotes

And Seth Myers was hilarious. I loved his story about his attempt to sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" at a Cubs game. He helped make me forget about my team's hideous loss last night.

Re: Interop keynotes

Marcia, I also loved Seth Myers. I knew you would appreciate the baseball story, plus we can all relate to times when we freeze when we are put on the spot.

I couldn't stop laughing at the lame French phrases he would utter as his last words -- the lady behind me and I were giggling about "où est la bibliothèque" for a loooooong time :)

networking & mentoring

I was really impressed at the discussion at the Women in Technology Panel & Luncheon here at Interop New York. Lot of good advice for the young women attending. These students also got some good advice afterwards from the women IT leaders there. At one table, there was a lot of discussion of data scientists and the opportunities in that field.

Re: networking & mentoring

I was actually most impressed by the questions the high school students in the audience asked. Those young women really asked tough and serious questions. I don't think they will have too much trouble being successful.

Re: networking & mentoring

Hi Sue / Marcia,

Please, could you tell us what kind of questions did these young women ask ? on which topic ?

What was the answers .... share with us  :)

What topics was discussed ?


Re: networking & mentoring

Hi Jerome, the students asked the panel how they overcome obstacles in their career, and panelists said maintaining confidence and belief in yourself is key. Another student asked how to choose between different passions -- technology or the arts -- and panelists said that employers are looking for well-rounded employees, so you don't really need to make a choice.

Re: networking & mentoring

It would be a good idea to gain a dual major. For instance, one major can be in a STEM subject and another in color psychology. This way, an individual can analyze data and then effectively communicate its meaning by utilizing visualization. Hans Rosling (one of the founders of Gapminder) uses visualization perfectly.

Re: networking & mentoring

That's really interesting Brian. Having both those skills would definitely be a career benefit.

Re: networking & mentoring

I agree, big data is predicted to create a large number of new jobs in the economy. With the pace at which networks are progressing, cost of technology dropping and data flowing into the enterprise -- demand for data skills is growing. An individual that has these skills will create a lot of benefits for their career.

Re: networking & mentoring

Hi Brian,

I agree, regarding the future number of devices which will be connected, then the phenomenal amount of data which will be exchanged, this area of technology is more promising. i followed a 5 days training in Big Data, and basically we saw how its a blessing for doing BI (Bussiness Intelligence), to predict custumers behavior, doing good marketing ... it's also more based on mathematics concepts ---- Someone here has already worked in this area? 

Re: networking & mentoring

Hi Marcia, thanks for your feedback.

I agree with the panelists' answers.

For the first question, i will add to the existing answer : be curious in learning, in other words work to increase upon  your skills and try to diversify.

But, please Marcia, according to your, what did the students mean  by arts?

( art in the simple term or ... ?)


Re: networking & mentoring

Jerome, that's good advice about staying curious and continous learning; I think that's pretty key to career advancement. In response to your question, one student said her 2 main interests were technology and dance. 

Re: networking & mentoring

Hi Marcia, thanks! I think if that's dance there is no problem, technology and this kind of art can be joined. Of course, that's not new, be into networking and pratice these kind of activities help too much, imagine stay on the your computer and manage or configure or troubleshoot a huge number of device without  others activities like those... ouff!!! And that can be benefit if you are a well known into this,lol

Re: Interop Kicks Off In Style
The adoption research sounds very interesting. I hope to make Interop next year. I would attend as many seminars as I can- so much to learn in one weekend.