How to Secure Edge Computing in an Industrial IoT Network

John Edwards News
  • The IIoT is here. Now it's time to make sure that security issues won't derail its value.
    By John Edwards , 1/17/2019

Could Blockchain be the Key to Securing IoT?

Max Emelianov, CEO, HostForWeb News
  • IoT devices represent one of the largest threat surfaces we’ve ever seen, and manufacturers as-yet have no clue how to secure them. The solution may stem from an unlikely source: blockchain.
    By Max Emelianov, CEO, HostForWeb , 1/15/2019

How SDN and Blockchain can help with IoT Privacy and Security?

Sagar Nangare News
  • The main reason that blockchain can be considered for IoT security and privacy is that blockchain has built-in data protection and security mechanisms.
    By Sagar Nangare , 12/11/2018

How Enterprises Can Use Digital Twins to Maximize Operational Efficiency

Subhankar Pal, Associate Vice President of Technology and Innovation, Aricent News
  • Digital replicas interact with real systems and mimic changes that occur - as they occur. Digital twin adoption is growing due to the low cost, high storage and compute capacity of IoT and cloud.
    By Subhankar Pal, Associate Vice President of Technology and Innovation, Aricent , 12/05/2018

Preparing for 5G's Biggest Security Challenges

John Edwards News
  • The imminent arrival of a long-anticipated next-generation cellular technology presents some cutting-edge security challenges. Here's how to get ready.
    By John Edwards , 11/29/2018

Edge Computing Security Dos and Don'ts

John Edwards News
  • Edge computing offers multiple benefits in an IoT environment, but one thing you don't want to be on the edge about is edge computing security.
    By John Edwards , 11/21/2018

A Tale of Two DCs for Supply Chains: Distribution and Data Centers

Rick Vanover News
  • Supply chains need IT systems that are highly available, and in an era in which most organizations rely on distributed data centers and cloud services, that’s become a far more complex task.
    By Rick Vanover , 11/05/2018

Planning Your First IoT Network

John Edwards News
  • Organizations that get an IoT project started on the right foot can avoid major headaches down the road. Here's some advice to help you move forward with ease.
    By John Edwards , 9/04/2018

Skills Network Managers Need in the Age of AI

Mike Leibovitz Slideshow
  • Organizations are beginning to invest in the infrastructure to support artificial intelligence, requiring network managers to bone up on skills including data science and security.
    By Mike Leibovitz , 8/20/2018

IoT: The Operational View

Rick Vanover Commentary
  • The internet of things offers many potential benefits for a business, but companies need to consider deployment and management issues before taking the plunge.
    By Rick Vanover , 8/10/2018

AI in the Data Center: A Reality Check

Jason Collier, Scale Computing Co-Founder Commentary
  • Artificial intelligence is poised to transform enterprise data centers, but organizations need to take a practical approach.
    By Jason Collier, Scale Computing Co-Founder , 7/13/2018

AI in Business: The Practical Reality

Curtis Peterson Commentary
  • IT executives need to start thinking about how they can integrate artificial intelligence into their operations or risk being left behind.
    By Curtis Peterson , 6/22/2018

The Rise of the Hybrid IT/OT Professional

Jason Andersen Commentary
  • A new type of technologist with a unique combination of IT and OT skills is becoming critical for companies in their industrial IoT initiatives.
    By Jason Andersen , 5/25/2018

Martin Casado on the Future of Networking

Network Computing Editors Commentary
  • In this video, software-defined networking pioneer Martin Casado, a general partner at VC firm Andreessen Horowitz, talks about how he expects enterprise networking will adopt SDN. He also explains how he sees...
    By Network Computing Editors , 5/22/2018

Summer Gadget Guide for IT Nerds

  • Get ready for summer with these fun tech toys, practical gadgets, and labor-saving robots. Our list includes everything from waterproof speakers to a robotic lawn mower.
    By CYNTHIA HARVEY , 5/21/2018

5G Rollout: A Realistic View

Giampaolo Tardioli, Keysight Technologies VP of Network Access Commentary
  • There's been a lot of hype about what 5G will bring, but we're years away from highly immersive experiences. Here's what to expect.
    By Giampaolo Tardioli, Keysight Technologies VP of Network Access , 5/18/2018

The Future is About the Business, Not the Technology

James Connolly News
  • There has been plenty of change throughout the evolution of information technology. Now it's time for the corporate world to catch up and reshape how they do business and serve their customers.
    By James Connolly , 5/04/2018

Enterprise IoT Benefits and Challenges

Bill Kleyman Commentary
  • Organizations are rushing to leverage internet of things solutions, but struggle to design the information technology architectures that will lock down the data these devices create.
    By Bill Kleyman , 4/25/2018

Chuck Robbins Continues to Rewire Cisco

Zeus Zerravala Commentary
  • An overview of recent organizational changes at Cisco as the CEO shifts executive roles and responsibilities and brings new leadership on board.
    By Zeus Zerravala , 4/04/2018

Edge Computing Applications: 3 Traits

Ellen Rubin, CEO and Co-founder, ClearSky Data Commentary
  • In the emerging IoT era, applications that require autonomy, low latency, and a lot of bandwidth are better suited for the edge.
    By Ellen Rubin, CEO and Co-founder, ClearSky Data , 3/16/2018