Hyped to Death: AI Must Avoid Becoming a Cliché

Kailem Anderson, Vice President of Software and Services, Ciena News
  • AI use by telcos and providers potentially can improve customer service, speed onboarding, and reduce outages by pro-actively identifying problems. Is this hype or can AI deliver benefits to the enterprise?
    By Kailem Anderson, Vice President of Software and Services, Ciena , 9/18/2018

Neat Cisco Nexus Features You Might Have Missed

Peter Welcher News
  • A brief review of some new Cisco Nexus features you may have missed hearing about.
    By Peter Welcher , 9/17/2018

AWS vs. Azure: Users Share Their Experiences

IT Central Station News
  • Enterprise IT professionals offer their insights into two of the leading cloud platforms, AWS and Azure.
    By IT Central Station , 9/14/2018

P4: Programming the Network's Forwarding Plane

Komal Shah, Senior Engineer at VOLANSYS News
  • P4 was designed for data plane programming of network switches but its scope now covers programmable network elements such as hardware or software switches, network interface cards, and routers.
    By Komal Shah, Senior Engineer at VOLANSYS , 9/14/2018

5 Things You Should Know About Dark Fiber

  • This alternative to commercial Internet service can reduce costs, improve latency, and give organizations the redundancy they need for disaster recovery and business continuity.
    By CYNTHIA HARVEY , 9/13/2018

Is QoS Becoming Irrelevant?

Terry Slattery News
  • Changes in applications and their locations are conspiring to make it increasingly difficult to implement QoS.
    By Terry Slattery , 9/12/2018

Why Networks Are Evolving Toward Leaf-Spine Architectures

Andrew Froehlich News
  • A brief overview of the benefits of leaf-spine designs, where they're commonly deployed today, and why you might choose to pursue one.
    By Andrew Froehlich , 9/11/2018

Life on the Network Edge

Sumeet Singh, Vice President of Engineering, Juniper Networks News
  • Evolving network architectures and the demands of new application areas like IoT are bringing the network’s edge into greater focus.
    By Sumeet Singh, Vice President of Engineering, Juniper Networks , 9/10/2018

When Testing, Get Active

Tony Fortunato News
  • When troubleshooting application performance issues, ping alone may not detect the problem. That’s where active testing can help.
    By Tony Fortunato , 9/07/2018

Using DevOps to Simplify Disaster Recovery

Brett Johnson News
  • Disaster recovery plans are quickly outdated in today’s changing environments. One way to keep DR plans updated and tested is to incorporate DevOps practices.
    By Brett Johnson , 9/06/2018

Hybrid Networking: The Best of Both Worlds

Pathmal Gunawardana, VP of Americas, Tata Communications News
  • With a strong network underpinning a cloud platform, a hybrid model can address reliability, security, and compliance concerns, while simplifying IT infrastructure management.  
    By Pathmal Gunawardana, VP of Americas, Tata Communications , 9/05/2018

Planning Your First IoT Network

John Edwards News
  • Organizations that get an IoT project started on the right foot can avoid major headaches down the road. Here's some advice to help you move forward with ease.
    By John Edwards , 9/04/2018

How an Economist Became a Business Architect

  • A twenty-year networking and IT veteran discusses where the industry is headed and offers advice on how to get started in a technology career.
    By CYNTHIA HARVEY , 8/31/2018

Introduction to Infrastructure as Code

Brett Johnson News
  • Small misconfigured settings plague many IT environments, impacting security and stability. Infrastructure as code lets you apply a consistent configuration to a broad range of endpoints.
    By Brett Johnson , 8/30/2018

The 5 Biggest Mistakes in SD-WAN Security

John Edwards News
  • Simply committing to SD-WAN security isn't enough. It's also necessary to create defenses the right way and avoid some common mistakes.
    By John Edwards , 8/29/2018

Get Developers on Board with Application Security

Lori MacVittie News
  • Application security requires collaboration between developers and security ops. Organizations need to align expectations of the two groups and shift security to the left, into the development pipeline. 
    By Lori MacVittie , 8/28/2018

Amazon and Arista Eye the Campus Network

Tom Hollingsworth News
  • Arista has already announced their vision for the enterprise campus network. Amazon is rumored to be looking there as well. What does mean for the dominance of the traditional market players?
    By Tom Hollingsworth , 8/27/2018

How IT Pros Can Bridge the IT-Business Gap

Leon Adato Commentary
  • By embracing a different mindset and changing their language, IT teams can better communicate with the business and finally overcome a long-standing division.
    By Leon Adato , 8/24/2018

3 Strategies to Fight Network Siloes

John Maddison, SVP of Products and Solutions, Fortinet Commentary
  • The problems created by old hub-and-spoke network architectures are happening again with the advent of the cloud. Following these strategies can avoid building a new set of siloes.
    By John Maddison, SVP of Products and Solutions, Fortinet , 8/23/2018

Network Architect Jobs Evolve

John Edwards News
  • Technology upheaval is challenging current network architects while opening new job opportunities for newcomers. 
    By John Edwards , 8/22/2018