Tom Hollingsworth on Networking's Transition to Software
Video  |  07/17/2017
Networking expert Tom Hollingsworth delves into the shift from hardware to software, how open networking should advance, and how networking teams can avoid being the DMV of their organizations.

Brian Gracely on Containers in the Enterprise
Video  |  06/19/2017
Hear how containers are moving into the enterprise, the challenges of putting them into production, and the best ways to learn about container technologies. Brian Gracely is director of product strategy for Red Hat OpenShift and co-host of The...

Tom Hollingsworth on Changes in the SD-WAN Market
Video  |  06/12/2017
Networking expert Tom Hollingsworth reflects on Cisco's acquisition of Viptela, what it means for the market, and whether it changes how enterprises evaluate SD-WAN options.

Scott Lowe on Getting Started with Network Automation
Video  |  06/05/2017
Learn why network automation is so crucial for the careers of networking and infrastructure professionals, and why you don't need to learn to code to effectively use automation. Scott Lowe is a well-known author, blogger, speaker, podcaster, and a...

Ethan Banks on Networking's Future & How You Can Prepare
Video  |  05/31/2017
Hear from Ethan Banks of Packet Pushers on how and why networking is changing, and what networking professionals can do to adapt.

DevOps Equals Happiness
Video  |  03/09/2017
Research has shown that organizations heading toward DevOps maturity have employees who report they are more engaged and happier with their work. In this episode of Talking DevOps, Josh Atwell, Developer Advocate for NetApp SolidFire, explores how...

Support For Ops Speeds DevOps Progress
Video  |  02/23/2017
In the pursuit of DevOps, organizations often experience temporary growing pains, resulting in increased deployment problems and outages, according to Puppet's State of DevOps report. But as operations teams become more familiar with the tools used...

In DevOps Maturity, Ops Lags Behind
Video  |  02/03/2017
Operations maturation in DevOps is happening, but the tools and capabilities that support it are slow to be created. In this episode of Talking DevOps, Josh Atwell, Developer Advocate for NetApp SolidFire, examines the reasons for the operations lag...

DevOps Success Requires Equal Parts Dev & Ops
Video  |  01/11/2017
In the push toward DevOps, much of focus is on software developers and development, but without equal investments on the operations side, progress slows down. In this episode of Talking DevOps, Josh Atwell, Developer Advocate for NetApp SolidFire,...

Why You Finally Really Need IPv6
Video  |  08/16/2016
Still think you can ignore IPv6? In this episode of Network Matters with Ethan Banks, learn why putting off a migration to IPv6 can adversely affect your business. Ethan explains the performance issues that can arise and the limitations of address...

Cloud Migration Key Points To Consider
Video  |  08/10/2016
Thinking about migrating applications to the cloud? Dave Marcus, Senior VP for Strategic Alliances at K2 explains what you should be thinking about before you get started. He covers the importance of understanding business and technical goals, why...

Identifying Infrastructure Security Breaches
Video  |  07/26/2016
A security breach is a serious matter, but most IT leaders aren't even aware when it has happened. In this episode of Network Matters with Ethan Banks, learn about the likelihood of something malicious lurking in your infrastructure, and how you can...

Rethinking The WAN
Video  |  06/23/2016
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The traditional wide area network is complicated and costly, buy it doesn't have to be that way. In this episode of Network Matters with Ethan Banks, learn about new software-defined technologies, called SD-WAN, that allow you to leverage Internet-...

DevOps: The Real Impact On IT Pros
Video  |  06/10/2016
In this episode of Network Matters with Ethan Banks, learn why the topic of DevOps has become so pervasive in IT media. Ethan explains what DevOps really means for most IT organizations, and how Infrastructure professionals can use concepts from...

Advancing Enterprise Networking & Security With SDN
Video  |  05/19/2016
In this video interview from Interop las Vegas, Dom Delfino, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Systems Engineering at VMware, discusses the value proposition for software-defined networking. Learn why enteprises are seeking out SDN to help keep...

How Important Is Network Hardware?
Video  |  05/13/2016
In this episode of Network Matters with Ethan Banks, learn about the pros and cons of specialized network hardware. Ethan explains when and where custom hardware makes sense, when commoditized hardware fills the bill, and the role software plays.

Long Live Infrastructure
Video  |  05/10/2016
Martin Casado explains in an Interop Las Vegas keynote that while infrastructure is going through a transitional phase, this changing of the guard offers exciting growth and a low barrier of entry for new companies and technologies. Read more about...

Sci-Fi Wars: May The 4th Be With You
Video  |  05/04/2016
In honor of Star Wars Day, we asked speakers at Interop Las Vegas about their favorite sci-fi flicks.

Understanding OpenStack: Capabilities & Challenges
Video  |  03/23/2016
In this episode of Network Matters with Ethan Banks, learn about the basics of OpenStack and why the open-source cloud platform has become so popular. Ethan explains exactly what OpenStack is, then dispels some of the myths around IT's expectations...

Learn SDN And OpenFlow Fundamentals
Video  |  03/23/2016
If you're looking for a practical, hands-on, real world approach to learning and implementing SDN and OpenFlow, look no further. The video course Practical SDN and OpenFlow Fundamentals from GNS3 Academy offers a unique way to learn about and...

Wireless Gets Serious
Video  |  03/11/2016
Drew Lentz, chair of Interop's Wireless & Mobility Track, discusses the increasing demands placed on networks as the type of clients, number of clients, and functionality changes. He explains how pressures from the Internet of Things, location-...

Stop Thinking About SDN!
Video  |  03/09/2016
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In this episode of Network Matters with Ethan Banks, learn why Ethan's advice to most enterprises is to stop thinking about SDN. Rather than viewing SDN as a shrink-wrapped magic solution, Ethan explains why enterprises need to focus on their...

Balancing Real-World Storage Needs
Video  |  03/06/2016
Greg Schulz, chair of Interop's Storage Track, talks about the perennial challenges of enterprise storage, how software abstraction fits in, managing legacy technology while unlocking the potential of new developments. Learn more about the Storage...

Enterprise Networks Under Pressure
Video  |  03/06/2016
Tom Hollingsworth, co-chair of Interop's Networking Track, discusses the challenges facing enterprise networks as they adapt to constantly increasing demands, address the need for better network visibility and performance indicators, and transform...

Time To Face Up To Collaboration
Video  |  03/03/2016
Eric Krapf, chair of Interop's Collaboration Track and GM of Enterprise Connect, discusses why you can’t put off focusing on collaborative technologies much longer, why multiple communication channels are essential for the modern workplace, and how...