The Security Missing From 5G

Kayla Matthews, Technology Writer News
  •   For all of the excitement about the coming 5G mobile networks, there are a few words of caution from security experts.
    By Kayla Matthews, Technology Writer , 11/15/2018

5 Tips to Harden Network Security in a Connected Enterprise

By Todd Kelly, Chief Security Officer, Cradlepoint News
  • As security efforts evolve from the fixed edge to the elastic edge, organizations need to combine traditional and new best practices to keep their networks safe from today’s evolving cyber threats.
    By By Todd Kelly, Chief Security Officer, Cradlepoint , 11/13/2018

Vulnerabilities in our Infrastructure: 5 Ways to Mitigate the Risk

Michael Fabian, principal consultant, Synopsys Software Integrity Group News
  • By teaming up to address key technical and organizational issues, information and operational security teams can improve the resiliency and safety of their infrastructure systems.
    By Michael Fabian, principal consultant, Synopsys Software Integrity Group , 11/12/2018

Application Security – A Shared Responsibility in the Cloud?

Lori MacVittie News
  • The bulk of attacks today are moving up the stack. They may be moving up the stack because app owners aren’t paying attention to their share of security in the cloud.
    By Lori MacVittie , 10/30/2018

Mobile Security Still Needs More Work in Most Enterprises

Network Computing Editors News
  • A recent survey on mobile security confirms what most suspect. Most enterprises still have much work to do to bring mobile security up to par, especially for devices that spend most of their time connecting to data...
    By Network Computing Editors , 10/16/2018

Cisco CCNA Cyber Ops Certification – Achieve or Avoid?

Alex Bennett News
  • If you’re working in a Security Operations Center, or aim to work in one, the CCNA Cyber Ops should be high on your list of qualifications to achieve. Few certifications cover this area.
    By Alex Bennett , 10/12/2018

4 Tips for Safeguarding Your SD-WAN

By Trent Pham, head of security products, Windstream Enterprise News
  • Be mindful of these four areas of security when considering an SD-WAN solution. By incorporating security measures like these into an SD-WAN solution, businesses gain assurance that their data, network, IT assets, and...
    By By Trent Pham, head of security products, Windstream Enterprise , 10/12/2018

Why Cybersecurity Training Must Become a Priority

By Renee Tarun, Vice President, Information Security, Fortinet News
  • Because the threat landscape continues to evolve rapidly, organizations are having a hard time keeping pace with the evolving cybersecurity skills required to manage their complex environments.
    By By Renee Tarun, Vice President, Information Security, Fortinet , 10/05/2018

4 Traits of a Cyber-Resilient Culture

Ericka Chickowski News
  • Companies with a solid track record of cybersecurity share these practices and characteristics.
    By Ericka Chickowski , 10/01/2018

Have You Done Enough to Ensure Wireless Network Security?

Gary Audin News
  • Whether on a corporate or public Wi-Fi network, there are precautions you can apply to keep your network and systems better protected and your information secured.
    By Gary Audin , 9/24/2018

Better Together: Net Managers are Partnering with the Security Team

Shamus McGillicuddy News
  • Network managers need to be open to an expanded partnership with the security group. A new EMA report finds such collaboration is already underway in many organizations.
    By Shamus McGillicuddy , 9/19/2018

The 5 Biggest Mistakes in SD-WAN Security

John Edwards News
  • Simply committing to SD-WAN security isn't enough. It's also necessary to create defenses the right way and avoid some common mistakes.
    By John Edwards , 8/29/2018

Get Developers on Board with Application Security

Lori MacVittie News
  • Application security requires collaboration between developers and security ops. Organizations need to align expectations of the two groups and shift security to the left, into the development pipeline. 
    By Lori MacVittie , 8/28/2018

3 Strategies to Fight Network Siloes

John Maddison, SVP of Products and Solutions, Fortinet Commentary
  • The problems created by old hub-and-spoke network architectures are happening again with the advent of the cloud. Following these strategies can avoid building a new set of siloes.
    By John Maddison, SVP of Products and Solutions, Fortinet , 8/23/2018

Skills Network Managers Need in the Age of AI

Mike Leibovitz Slideshow
  • Organizations are beginning to invest in the infrastructure to support artificial intelligence, requiring network managers to bone up on skills including data science and security.
    By Mike Leibovitz , 8/20/2018

Going Cloud First: Risks to Consider

Archana Kesavan Commentary
  • Companies are always concerned about cloud security, but may overlook other factors in cloud adoption, such as the impact on performance.
    By Archana Kesavan , 8/17/2018

Improving DevOps Security Practices

Brett Johnson News
  • Security is often an afterthought, but DevOps engineers should make it a priority by taking these factors into consideration.
    By Brett Johnson , 8/16/2018

Troubleshooting Application Configuration for Security

Tony Fortunato Commentary
  • In this video, Tony Fortunato uses Wireshark to show you how to get an application to run through a firewall.
    By Tony Fortunato , 8/14/2018

Cloud Intelligence Throwdown: Amazon vs. Google vs. Microsoft

Kelly Sheridan News
  • A closer look at native threat intelligence capabilities built into major cloud platforms and discussion of their strengths and shortcomings.
    By Kelly Sheridan , 8/10/2018

Network Security Shrinks to Zero-Trust

Daniel Conde Commentary
  • The traditional network security perimeter has become smaller and smaller as attackers become more sophisticated. But how practical is the zero-trust model?
    By Daniel Conde , 8/09/2018